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Mega Blog Hop for Pear Blossom Press

Hello! Welcome!

I'm so happy to be apart of Pear Blossom Press MEGA Hop!
A few weeks ago I was asked to participate in this blog and try out Amanda's Power Pack Kit. I love interactive cards so I wasn't going to pass up this opportunity and I'm so glad I did because without this switch I wouldn't have been able to make a card like this...Let me explain!

Previously when I've made interactive light em' up cards I've had to create my own paper switch - this involved lots of foam tape (I like layers but not the thickness produced by the amount of foam tape used). The circuit and paper switch would also be very sensitive so I had to be creative on how I layered my card font together and in every case I'd have to leave out machine stitching (which if you follow my style would know I really enjoy adding this textural element to my handmade cards). The stitching and card front pressure would permanently close the circuit and the light would be constantly on…