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Lightning Strikes!

So...for the last few months I've been sitting on a project with a huge dilemma...Okay...huge may be a slight exaggeration as I resolved the issue most of my art work and projects, in its own time.  
For those who have read 'about me' you will know that I have a beautiful baby boy who is now 8 months old. His nursery is pretty bare at the moment so a few months back I bought Kaisercraft letters (his name) to decorate for his room. Since then I've been on the search for boy paper. Did I find any? Yes! Did I find any I liked? No! So the letters stayed in the spotlight bag where I bought them from, in my craft room and were left there until lightning struck! 
[insert lightening bolt here] Comic books! 
Now its been awhile since I have done any decoupage so I did a quick google search and while I was online a pinterest search and found that I had most of the items already. All I needed to buy was the comic book and some white acrylic paint. 
Here is the supp…

Challenge Winner and...more!

Let me start off by jumping and dancing around the room!!
A couple of weeks ago I entered into my first ever challenge with my work of art called "Be your own Beautiful". This week, with much anxiety and suspense the winner was chosen and it was ME!
I was so happy and really surprised when the Scrappit team announced it on their facebook page. There were so many other great entrants. The judges would of had a difficult time picking a 'winner' for sure.
So...what did I win? The FULL set of Time Holtz Distress Paints. ALL 24 colours.  What a prize! I cant wait for them to come in the mail so that I can start creating and playing with them. 
In the meantime... I've been trying to clean up my Pinterest page and by trying I mean 'getting very distracted by all the awesome ideas I've pinned and want to do and...what was I doing again?'  I even added a new board called Distress Paint Ideas. all means check it out, along with my collection  of pinned Card …

I have a little confession...I am addicted to...

Have I mentioned that I am addicted to stencils...and stamps...but oh! how I L.O.V.E stencils!
I have my own little stash which seems to keep growing and growing. Recently I purchased this Prima 6" x 6" stencil called 'Floral' and with it created this card.

I enjoyed playing with this stencil and some water colour paint (Koh-I-Noor Watercolour Discs) so much that I made a couple more using different colours.This time with a birthday theme to add to my 'just in case' 'OMG' I forgot your birthday - quick! grab a card stash... 

Now...I thought I'd take a little time in todays blog to talk about the Koh-I-Noor Watercolour Discs. This was a new purchase I bought recently. The owner of the art shop I go to knows that I am a big fan of highly pigmented colours. So he recommended this product and I am so glad I bought them. They come in a 12 or 24 pack and have a ink-like intensity. I bought the 12 pack for under $15.00 and I think the colours pulsate with v…

Inspiration everywhere!

So yesterday in Big W as I was looking through the book section (wanting to buy one for my little boy) I came across this colouring book which I immediately drew inspiration from. 

So for $5.00 I bought it and with my inktense pencils have been colouring in this book full of flower doodles (I feel like a little girl again). Not only have I been colouring in but I got the inspiration to do my own flower doodle and of course colour it in with my inktense pencils.
Here is a photo of my flower: 

I drew it first in pencil. I liked knowing that if I did a mistake that I could erase it. I then used my micron pens (no.3) and went over it. 

Here is the coloured in photo:

I just love the vibrant colours...and working with my inktense pencils was so easy. It took an hour to colour in the whole flower. I used Tim Holtz distress ink pads with a blending tool to create the background. 
Pinterest is also a great source of inspiration. I have started a new board called Zentangles/Doodling of which I am add…

A little something for me...

Last week I spoiled myself. Though not necessarily an impulse buy as I did do a fair bit of research into this product, it was certainly an expensive splurge. So...what did I buy you ask? (Drum roll please)
A 36 pack of derwent Inktense pencils

I just absolutely love these pencils. They are so easy to use and being a high pigment pencil the colours just 'pop'. I haven't been able to do much with them (yet!), it has unfortunately been a very hectic week. My little one has been sick and teething and over the weekend I had my stairs re-stained so I didn't had access to my craft room...but...I did manage to complete my April ATC's of which all 9 were coloured in using my new Inktense pencils. 
Happy Crafting!