30 Day Colouring Challenge...

I follow Kathy from The Daily Marker, love her cards, her videos, always enjoy reading her blog. Well...she is doing her 3rd 30 day colour challenge, and I've generally just observed the great work that's produced (with many link ups to others also participating in the challenge). This time I've decided to join in the fun. For those who want more information here is the link.

For me, the challenge is to be able to take 5mins in a day and colour. I might get more time, of which Id then most likely will turn it into a card. But I'm rather happy with what this challenge is all about. To quote Kathy on her blog: "It’s just about adding more time to color and carve out a little time for something that makes you happy." And its does! So...here I go.

I won't be blogging it daily (HA! finding time to colour and blog - don't make me laugh!) But If you follow me on instagram I'll post daily photos of my progress. I'm currently working through this image (Stamp - Bow Wow Birthday by Whipper Snapper Designs) and I'm taking it slow - teaching myself how to use my prisma color pencils. It's certainly a great start for this challenge!

 Day 1 (This little dude took 20mins to colour - lol) I couldn't decide on what colours to use.
To be honest this is probably the biggest stamp I've ever coloured. 

 Day 2 - Progress, progress, progress!!!

Happy Crafting! 
Come join in the fun!!!



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