I love trying new techniques!

Put your hands up if you have a billion pins on Pinterest of art, paper craft, and mixed media techniques!!! Well...I've got two hands up in the air... and I am sure like most of you there just isn't enough time or enough money to go and try them all out!

So I am really happy to share this ATC with you because I got to try a new technique that has been pinned to my Pinterest board for awhile and I am so happy I got to try it out.

I was going to provide you with a tutorial - but instead I will direct you to the tutorial I used from my Pinterest board!!! If you wish to try it out click here :) I didn't follow it completely. I did change the thickness of the strips of paper and pretty much just followed the photos - its a fun technique which I found super easy. I imagine you could even create different patterns and come up with something totally different...

Oh the technique is a Herringbone Technique - I've seen it a lot on cards (and will be creating some card soon using the same technique). The Theme of the ATC swap is Black and White, so I just loved the different patterns that were created.

The quote used: Don't define your world in black and white, because there is so much hiding amongst the grey.


Also for those who previously read my 'little side' project post (back in May 2013), I have changed the rules a little which you can now find here. I have decided that I can skip letters instead of going through the alphabet in order... Herringbone will be my technique for the letter H. Here's hoping that I can get a few more techniques completed by the end of this month. :)

Happy Crafting! 



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