A Zentangled inspired card!

Here are a few quick cards I created for a couple of birthdays for the month of August. I love zentangles and doodling, just sometime don't have the time to play around and learn new patterns. This is a great way to practise and experiment and come up with a fun, any occasion, type of card!


Using a square background stencil, I traced the boxes and then created 4-5 patterns and repeated them in different squares. The first one I started off with pencil, and then traced over it again in pen (micron - black .25mm 01). The second one I just did with a blue pen after getting use to creating a few patterns already. Then mat it on some coloured card stock and embellish as you wish!

I have a few pins in my Zentangle/Doodling Pinterest Board - feel free to check it out. I Hope this has inspired you to try Zentangles, there is so much you can do with them. Very relaxing to do too!

Thanks again for stopping by...

Happy Crafting! 



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